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Youth Mat Club

2019-2020 Shakopee Mat Club Fundraiser

Once again this year we will be selling Heggies Pizza. This fundraiser is important to the club and has been a huge success for us. Every pizza sold really does make a difference. This fundraiser has helped keep registration costs low, and has allowed us to purchase new equipment for the kids. 

Important Dates and Information

Turn in dates: 1/23/2020(Thursday Practice) or 1/25/2020(Home Tournament) We have to submit the order by this date set by Heggies, not us. Order forms must include payment of all pizzas ordered. 

Pizza Delivery: 2/6/2020 during Thursday Practice. This date is important as we have no way to store pizzas, please be sure to be pick up your order. 

Make Checks payable to Shakopee Mat Club.

Every family who sells 20 pizzas will receive a pair custom Shakopee Wrestling socks. 

We will have prizes for the top 3 sellers. Those prizes will be announced at a later date. 

    2019-2020 youth wrestling season

    Mark your calendars for the coming 2019-2020 season:

    Registration is LIVE!  Click the link above to register.

    Fee is $150 again this season!  Also required are 2 checks at the first practice, $50 for equipment rental, and $100 for volunteer hours.  If you return your equipment and complete your volunteer hours your checks will be returned/destroyed.

    Practice Dates & Times:

    Who: PreK - K

    When: Mondays & Thursdays, starting November 11 - March

    Time: 6:15-7:00 pm

    Who: 1st - 2nd grade

    When: Mondays & Thursdays, November 11 - March

    Time: 7:00-8:00 pm (Mondays) & 6:15-7:00 pm (Thursdays)

    Who: 3rd - 5th grade

    When: Tuesdays & Thursdays, November 12 - March

    Time: 6:30-8:00 pm (Tuesdays) & 7:00-8:30 pm (Thursdays)

    Tournament schedule is on the website calendar.  Posted are youth tournaments that Shakopee Youth Coaches will be attending.

    Also, check the Youth Wrestling facebook page for updates.


    2019 MN/USA Kids State Freestyle/Greco Tournament

    Congratulations to all of the wrestlers who competed in the MN/USA Freestyle/Greco State Tournament. 

    Greco place winners-

    Asher Theis-3rd place-Bantam 49 
    Jacob Lehman-3rd place-Intermediate 56
    Carson Triplett-2nd place-Intermediate 56
    Isaiah Eide-1st place-Intermediate 67
    Calvin Miller-3rd place-Novice 74
    Leonard Tukhlynovych-1st place-Schoolboy 102
    Terae Dunn-3rd place-Schoolboy 125
    Keno Vanier-1st place-Cadet 88
    Jade Trelstad-2nd place-Cadet 220
    Bianca Eide-1st place-Novice Girls 65
    Bella Heaney-2nd place-Schoolgirl 110

    Freestyle place winners-

    Asher Theis-5th place-Bantam 49 
    Jacob Lehman-4th place-Intermediate 56
    Carson Triplett-3rd place-Intermediate 56
    Isaiah Eide-1st place-Intermediate 67
    Calvin Miller-4th place-Novice 74
    Leonard Tukhlynovych-1st place-Schoolboy 102
    Terae Dunn-5th place-Schoolboy 125
    Keno Vanier-1st place-Cadet 88
    Jade Trelstad-4th place-Cadet 220
    Bianca Eide-1st place-Novice Girls 65
    Bella Heaney-2nd place-Schoolgirl 110

    2019 MN/USA Kids State Folkstyle Tournament

    Shakopee had 50 kids that completed at the 2019 MN/USA State Kids/Cadet tournament.  We had the 2nd largest team represented at the tournament!  Shakopee had 23 kids place in the top 6 including 7 state champions!

    Place Winners:

    Preston Heaver 6th place, Pee Wee (6U) C

    Dominick Jackson 1st place, Pee Wee (6U) E

    Robert Walker 4th place, Pee Wee (6U) G

    Liam Hennen 6th place, Pee Wee (6U) H

    Luke Toll 3rd place, Bantam (8U) K

    Carson Triplett 2nd place, Intermediate (10U) 49#

    Jacob Lehman 6th place, Intermediate (10U) 53#

    Isaiah Eide 3rd place, Intermediate (10U) 63#

    Calvin Miller 5th place, Novice (12U) 67#

    Connor Warren 2nd place, Schoolboy (14U) 97#

    Leonard Tukhlynovych 1st place, Schoolboy (14U) 106#

    Terae Dunn 1st place, Schoolboy (14U) 114#

    Jadon Hellerud 1st place, Schoolboy (14U) 165#

    Cody Zitzmann 5th place, Cadet (16U) 100#

    Charlie Sedlacek 6th place, Cadet (16U) 120#

    Riley Quern 4th place, Cadet (16U) 138#

    Mason Potz 4th place, Cadet (16U) 145#

    Cole Sutrick 5th place, Cadet (16U) 152#

    Jade Trelstad 3rd place, Cadet (16U) 220#

    Bianca Eide 1st place, Girls Novice (12U) 60#

    Anna Haremza 1st place, Girls Novice (12U) 110#

    Joel Makem 1st place, Girls Schoolgirl (14U) 127#

    Nina Makem 3rd place, Girls Cadet/Jr 144#

    Congratulations to all the place winners and everyone that competed at the state tournament!

    2019-2020 Sponsors

    Donations and Sponsorships

    Interested in being a sponsor or donor to the Shakopee Mat Club?  Please fill out the below document and return to a Mat Club Board member or contact Brad Stuwe.  Your support of youth wrestling in Shakopee is greatly appreciated.

    We Need You!

    The Shakopee Mat Club is a great organization because of its volunteers. Please contact one of the board members at this link if you have some time to make a difference in the lives of our kids:


    Words of advice for you and your wrestler.