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Booster Club

Shakopee Wrestling Booster Club 2022- 2023  Fundraiser

This year we are selling Heggies Pizzas!

 Kids will receive fundraiser forms on 11/22/22, fundraiser turn in date is 12/1/22 and pizza delivery will be 12/12/22

Our fundraisers help the support our wrestlers throughout the year for many events such as:


Parent night 

End of the year banquet

Senior Night 

Alumni Night 


Pictures and Banners

Please consider supporting our club in our fundraising event

Follow SHS Wrestling on Twitter @SaberWrestle

Saber Productions videos

Click link to view Butch Lehman’s awesome videos.

Take Down Cancer

To learn more about TDC and donate, click here.

Prep Sport Channel 45 Story aired on 12/9/18

Start video at 14:35 to view portion of prep spotlight of SHS's wrestling team.

Board Members

Joel Lacina


Reagan West

Vice President

Melissa Quern


Jen Trelstad

Interim Secretary