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Shakopee Wrestling

Weekly update/email



One week of practice is in the books!  We had a pretty good week of practice.  Right now we have 46 wrestlers in grades 6-8th.  Wow!


PLEASE GET A COMBINATION LOCK!  Get Coach Girdner the combination.


We have had a bit of a behavior problem before practice begins.  I cannot make it to WEST until about 2:55.  Some wrestlers are choosing to misbehave in the hall before I can get there (chasing each other around, messing with the elevator by the pool, jumping on each other….).  I have shared my expectations for the bus ride to WEST and what to be doing before I get there.   I let the kids know that I will NOT bring wrestlers on the bus to other meets unless they meet my behavior expectations.  I know this is just a few kids, but I need proper behaviors before I can arrive.  Hopefully, after I chewed them out last week that they got my message clearly.  I will communicate with parents of wrestlers that are making poor decisions if I feel I need to.


Salt Sales-I am sorry that I miscommunicated the information about the delivery.  I was under the impression that jr. high kids did not need to help deliver the salt, but I guess we were.  I apologize for any stress this caused.  The fund raiser was very successful.  Thank you to everyone that helped.

If you have any questions or concerns about this please contact me, Pam Webster ( or Melonie Kroll (

We have practice Monday-Wednesday this week.

Our first meet is Thursday, Dec. 3rd at West Jr. High.  Will get more information next week.

There are a few kids that Coach Jackson (head coach at the high school) wants to get certified for possible participation with the high school team.-

These are the kids he wants to attend the high school practice on Tuesday of this week:

Sam Treml

Tanner Larson

Johnson brothers

These kids should plan to go to the high school on Tuesday to participate in the wt. certification process that the high school team is doing.



Remember that we want each of our wrestlers to have a USA Wrestling Card.  Directions on how to attain a card are on my website.  Cost is about $40. Let me know if this cost is an issue.   I would like all of our wrestlers to attend the MNUSA State Wrestling Tournament in March.  All wrestlers need a card to participate.


Here are some things that I covered with the wrestlers:

Attendance Policy

We expect all kids to attend every practice unless they are absent from school.


If a wrestler needs to miss practice, parent must contact Mr. Neu.


Communication is mandatory.


Missing because of school work or detention may lead to missing a meet.


If you are at school, you are at practice! Sick, injured, skin condition, still at practice.


I will take attendance every day.



3:00-4:30 on school days. Must be completely done registering.



Locks mandatory


Locker number and combo to Mr. Girdner


Lockerroom expectations


No horse play


Any bullying, teasing, phone-photos, etc are not allowed. Consequences WILL be applied.


Showering is not mandatory at school, but ALL wrestlers must shower at home immediately.


Skin conditions

Any suspected skin condition needs to be reported to Mr. Neu immediately.



Report to Mr. Neu.


High School Opportunities

7-8th graders over 90 pounds. CANNOT wrestle ANY tournaments outside the jr high season. Weekend tournaments not on our schedule.


MNUSA Tournaments.



I think that’s it! 



Mark Neu

6th Grade Science

Middle School Wrestling Coach

Twitter Shakopee Wrestling @coachneu

TakeDown Cancer


2015-2016 Shakopee Youth Wrestling Registration

The 2015-2016 Wrestling is now upon us. To register your wrestler for the Shakopee Youth Mat Club wrestling, please click the link above. Our parent information night is scheduled for November 5 at the Shakopee High School Commons area from 6-8 pm.

By registering you are agree to a $100 volunteer deposit and the check will be destroyed once the family completes 2 hours of volunteering.  If the family does not complete the 2 hours of volunteering the check will be cashed at the end of the season. 


You are also agreeing to a $50 deposit for equipment.  If the equipment is returned at the end of the season, the check will be destroyed.  If the equipment is not returned at the end of the season, your deposit of $50 will be cashed.


Upcoming Events

  • Nov
  • 30
Mat Cleaning
  • 8:00pm-8:30pm CST Ical_event_icon
  • West Junior High
  • Must complete 4 times of cleaning the mats at the West Junior High in order to qualify for the 2 hours of volunteer time that is required
  • Tag(s): Home 
  • Dec
  • 1
Mat Cleaning
  • 8:00pm-8:30pm CST Ical_event_icon
  • West Junior High
  • Must complete 4 times of cleaning the mats at the West Junior High in order to qualify for the 2 hours of volunteer time that is required
  • Tag(s): Home 

Jim Jackson named Head Coach


Brent Jones, a Shakopee Sophomore, won his second state wrestling title at 120# on February 28th with a 6-3 win over Farmington's Jamin LeDuc.  Jones, along with Owen Webster, were Shakopee Wrestling's first state champs in 2014.

Also placing at this year's state tournament were Alex Crowe #113-4th place and Owen Webster 160#-5th place.  Sam Webster 106#, Tyson Leon 138#, Alex Coleman 145#, and Emmett Wagner 152# also qualified for the tournament, but did not place.

Congratulations to all of the Shakopee wrestlers who participated in this year's tournament.  Everyone represented Shakopee well.

Derby Days 2015

Shakopee Wrestlers at MYAS Gopher State Nationals

Congratulations to our Shakopee wrestlers who participated in one of the toughest tournaments in the Midwest.  We had several wrestlers place in the top six.  Those wrestlers are:

5th & 6th Grade 90 - Tanner Larson 2nd Place
5th & 6th Grade 102 - Samuel Treml 5th Place
5th & 6th Grade 130 - Joey Johnson 3rd Place
5th & 6th Grade 155 - Tommy Johnson 2nd Place
7th & 8th Grade 140 - Jack Casey 5th Place 

Additionally, Jack Casey was awarded the prestigious Midwest Wrestling Tour Belt for placing at Gopher State Nationals, Badgerland Nationals and Hawkeye Nationals.  Great Job!


FORBES Magazine--Wrestlers Make the Best Employees

Fantastic article in Forbes Magazine enumerates the many qualities of wrestlers that transfer to the workplace.

Adopt a Park

The Shakopee Mat Club is responsible for the clean up of 8 parks around Shakopee.  Please see the brochure and the guidelines below for more details.

If interested in volunteering, please contact Lee Triplett or Melissa Quern.