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Shakopee Wrestling

Jim Jackson named Head Coach

Dollars for Scholars

Over the weekend of April 11-12 five Shakopee wrestlers participated in the annual Heartland Elementary Duals held in Council Bluffs, IA.  The tournament consisted of 35 teams competing from around the country, and Minnesota sent three teams to the tournament.  Seth Bakken and Joey Johnson were members of the Minnesota Storm who placed 3rd in the Gold Division, Tanner Larson and Tommy Johnson were part of the Minnesota Lightning who placed 3rd in the Silver Division, and Sam Treml wrestled with Team Quest who placed 8th in the Copper Division.

Additionally, Seth Bakken and Sam Treml earned All-American honors by going 7-1 in the tournament.

Congratulations to all the Minnesota wrestlers for performing so well, and a special congratulations to these 6th graders for representing Shakopee with a combined win-loss record of 25-14!


Brent Jones, a Shakopee Sophomore, won his second state wrestling title at 120# on February 28th with a 6-3 win over Farmington's Jamin LeDuc.  Jones, along with Owen Webster, were Shakopee Wrestling's first state champs in 2014.

Also placing at this year's state tournament were Alex Crowe #113-4th place and Owen Webster 160#-5th place.  Sam Webster 106#, Tyson Leon 138#, Alex Coleman 145#, and Emmett Wagner 152# also qualified for the tournament, but did not place.

Congratulations to all of the Shakopee wrestlers who participated in this year's tournament.  Everyone represented Shakopee well.

Shakopee Wrestlers at MYAS Gopher State Nationals

Congratulations to our Shakopee wrestlers who participated in one of the toughest tournaments in the Midwest.  We had several wrestlers place in the top six.  Those wrestlers are:

5th & 6th Grade 90 - Tanner Larson 2nd Place
5th & 6th Grade 102 - Samuel Treml 5th Place
5th & 6th Grade 130 - Joey Johnson 3rd Place
5th & 6th Grade 155 - Tommy Johnson 2nd Place
7th & 8th Grade 140 - Jack Casey 5th Place 

Additionally, Jack Casey was awarded the prestigious Midwest Wrestling Tour Belt for placing at Gopher State Nationals, Badgerland Nationals and Hawkeye Nationals.  Great Job!




Casey Wrestling Camp

Monday/Wednesday 6:00-8:00 pm
May 11th - June 3rd


Tom Casey and Patrick Casey will be holding a spring wrestling camp at Shakopee West Junior High School starting on May 11th and going through June 3rd. 
Together they have accumulated 330+ wins and are willing and wanting to help all types of wrestlers who many are looking to improve an area of your sons wrestling, trying to just continue to build mat time in the off season, or in need of some good practice partners like Tom and Patrick.

We would like to have two practices a week.  Monday and Wednesday nights session 1 from 6:00-7:00 and Session 2 from 7:00 to 8:00.    Wrestlers can sign up for both sessions 1 & 2 on the same night.    Session 2 on both Monday and Wednesday will have an emphasis on age appropriate weight training and conditioning.   If you would like to attend both you are more than welcome. We can also make arrangements for me to work with your wrestler individually. 

Costs-are 10 dollars a session, but if you are to sign up and attend all 4 sessions a week, the cost would be 30 dollars instead of 40. 

Session I 6:00-7:00 pm
    Technique based 

  • High emphasis on technique from the feet
  • intense drilling
  • Stance and motion
  • learning new moves

Session II 7:00-8:00 pm

    Conditioning based

  • Live wrestling
  • Situational live wrestling
  • Conditioning
  • Intense drilling
  • Weight lifting


We want to help the Shakopee program and specifically want to help build your son into the best wrestler that they can be. At their private session, we will work on how to enhance their strengths and minimize their weakness.  We want to give them pointers on how to prepare for the big match mentally, and physically and also introducing new skills that have worked for many wrestlers including us.  We will have intense practices with drilling moves that they have learned in the past and introduce new ones that will work for them in the future.  We will work on developing their conditioning and of course there will be some fun time at the end of each session.


If you are interested or have any questions please contact us at PCasey12@winona.edu. or 612-877-1719


Thank you 

Patrick/Tom Casey


Derby Days 2014

Ride Share Program

Ride Share Program
Need a ride to practice or to a tournament?  Please see Jason Zitzmann or Lee Triplett for details.  Background checks are completed on all coaches.


Upcoming Events

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Did You Know?

FORBES Magazine--Wrestlers Make the Best Employees

Fantastic article in Forbes Magazine enumerates the many qualities of wrestlers that transfer to the workplace.

Adopt a Park

The Shakopee Mat Club is responsible for the clean up of 8 parks around Shakopee.  Please the brochure and the guidelines for more details.

If interested in volunteering, please contact Lee Triplett or Melissa Quern.