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Season Kick Off Fundraiser & Pizza Party

Hello Wrestling Families -

We are gearing up for an awesome season with the full support of our amazing Booster Club supporting us along the way.  We have streamlined our fundraisers & have made it simple, easy & EVEN BETTER YET -- FUN -- to get your fundraising done this year.  See all the info below -- and don't miss the kick off pizza party.


888.jpg  SALT SALE 

All Sales will be final & store will close on October 31, 2020.  Deliveries times will be confirmed shortly (mid - November). 




We will have an ONLINE salt sale -- super easy -- just email, text, facebook, etc 

Each wrestler will need to sell just 20 bags online (no door to door --- just use the convenient website and let the ordering site do the work for you!) 


Let everyone ordering know that they will simply add your wrestler's name in the "Sponsor this wrestler" section on the online order (this way you will get credit for how many bags that you sell)



Mark your calendar for Sept 26th at 1pm! 

We will have a big pizza sales / party day!




Click here to RSVP for the 1pm event []

Shako Wrestling Pizza Party.jpg

  • We will meet with parentskids and coaches at Lion's Park at 1pm on the 26th & divide into teams (each team will have an adult leader).
  • Teams will hit the streets & have 100 pizza cards to sell.  Team leaders will drive and help the kids.  

Masks will be needed for this part of the event.   


Click here to RSVP for the 1pm event []


Once cards are sold & distributed -- -then it's party time (approx 4pm)!  Teams will meet back at Lion's Park.  Pizzas will be provided for the team, coaches and families.  Feel free to bring bags, games, lawn chairs.  

Great way to visit outside, social distance, hang with our wrestling families & kick off the season!


Excited to see you there & kick off our season while we can take advantage of nicer weather (and more importantly --- WHILE OUR WRESTLERS CAN STILL CHOW DOWN before they begin watching their weight).  ;) 


Fundraiser & Kick Off Party

RSVP for the Party!

Virtual HS Wrestling Banquet

Greetings Shakopee Wrestling Family,


As you may be aware, we will be holding an Online Virtual Banquet recognizing our wrestlers this Sunday, May 24 at 7:00pm.  The banquet video will be provided through YouTube using this following link: Online Virtual Banquet  . . . All you need to do is click on the link, and it will take you directly to the video (pretty simple, right?). The "Video Premiere" feature on YouTube also includes a live running chat box for users to read/post messages (much like a Facebook wall) . . . consider leaving our wrestlers/coaches/seniors a personalized message of your own as you watch! 


The video will go live at 7:00 and will run about 35 minutes.  Here is a breakdown of the video:

  • 2020 Hype Video (:45)
  • Message from Coach Jackson (2:30)
  • Highlight Video Part 1 (3:20)
  • Coaches Spotlight Seniors (10:30)
  • Highlight Video Part 2 (4:00)
  • Senior Speeches (12:30)

As always, thanks for allowing me to accompany you all on this journey; it truly was an inspirational season!


2020 Freestye/Greco Wrestling

USA Wrestling has suspended all activities through April ending the F/G season

Please make sure to turn in all equipment ASAP.  Equipment can be dropped off to 1987 Omega Dr, Shakopee.  Just leave on the front step.


2020 Section 2AAA Team Champions!

Sabers take 3rd at 2019 MN Christmas Tournament

SHS Booster Club (for grades 6-12)

For info regarding SHS Booster activities click link.

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